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Key Features

  • Universal GUI for loading published assets into your DCC app.

  • Universal GUI for managing versions of assets loaded into your working scene.

  • Save and load workfiles in progress. Change the context inside of the application.

All Features

  • Standalone GUI for launching application in the chosen context directly from tray

  • Fully colour managed outputs for work and review

  • All settings and configuration are done via AYON Settings tool. No need to dig around .json and .yaml

  • Universal GUI for defining content for publishing from your DCC app.

  • Ftrack is a project management tool for creative teams.

  • A loader GUI that allows yo to load content from dedicated cross project asset library

  • Template system for centrally controlled node parameters.

  • Nuke is a compositing software for visual effects and motion graphics artists.

  • Tools for creating shots, assets and task within your project if you don't use third party project management

  • Universal GUI for validating and publishing content from your DCC app.

  • Support for local and farm renders, including baked reviews.

  • Automatically build initial workfiles from published plates or renders

  • Built in file synchronization between your central storage (cloud or physical) and all your freelancers

  • Generate slates and attach them to rendered.

  • Service for monitoring the user activity to start, stop and synchronise time tracking.

  • A standalone GUI for publishing data into pipeline without going though DCC app.